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Citipointe Cleveland’s mission is to create a healthy family of purpose-filled believers convinced by the love of God to encourage others to discover their divine purpose. Our goal is to provide a community where anyone is free to begin, continue to explore and be propelled to reach their God-given destination.


We are a community of believers from all backgrounds that believe in the power of the Holy Spirit and the freedom that comes in growing in relationship with the Lord. We know that Jesus is the ultimate form of sacrifice which propels us to believe in redemption, second chances, and fighting for those that can no longer fight for themselves.


Our culture embodies Worship, miracles, healings, honor, God’s presence, and family. We are passionate about people, the world, and especially, our city, Cleveland, OH.

We embody people.  We love all people.  We love Our God.  We believe in the Holy Spirit and the pure freedom that it brings.  At CitiPointe, we embody worship, preaching, and loving people.

Citipointe’s focus is the city. We believe you bloom where you are planted. Once we learn to secure our city we can then take the blueprint to the nation. But for now Citipointe focuses on creating an atmosphere conducive for ministry, where it can be a safe place.



We believe that every single human being on this planet is valuable. We believe in equality, in giving people a million “second chances” and that no one is “too far gone”. We believe in fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves. We believe that having a purpose is a powerful thing that drives people to lead productive, fulfilling and joyful lives. We believe people can find purpose in almost anything they are passionate about but that inequality, lack of opportunity, oppression, depression and many other life experiences often stop them in their tracks. We believe that we can, through friendship, mentorship, encouragement, leadership and support, help people to overcome all these things that weigh them down. We believe that we can help people find purpose. Some of us are Christians and some of us are affiliated to churches but some of us are not. All are welcome.



Theresa Marie Quinn

Senior Leader

Theresa may be a mother of five beautiful children but her family extends across the city and in some cases oceans. She has been in ministry in some capacity for 23 years. The past 10 years as a Pastor at All Nations Deliverance Ministry. Her main focus has alway been for people to see themselves as they were created. Her heart is to assist a generation in fulfilling their God given destiny and purpose on planet earth.

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